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Among the tasks we complete at Opole University, carrying out, publicizing and commercializing research at the world level take the key position. The faculty PhD students and undergraduates acquire numerous grants and conduct research projects and programs - national and international - in various disciplines, often interdisicplinary. It creates opportunity to enter enter cooperation and exchange of experiences with scholars from other research centers.
The University develops scientific research in the fields of humanities, theology, law, economy, sciences, natural and technical sciences.
Opole University is engaged in an international cooperation of various domains within the arrangements and agreements with European, Asian and American countries. International research programs are carried out and international journals are co-edited. The cooperation includes scientific research as well as practices and doctoral studies, scientific scholarships, language courses or the exchange of students within the frameworks of various bilateral agreements.
Since 1998 we have participated in the inetrnational EU program, Erasmus exchanging students and scholars. This program enables students to complete some part of their studies or training abroad and broaden their knowledge gain new experiences and get to know new cultures of different countries.
The developing international involvement contributes to internationalizing the university by increasing its course offerings as well as its innovative capacity.

Scientific researches and cooperation with foreign countries are carried out on eight faculties:

1. Faculty of Philology
2. Faculty of Social Sciences 
3. Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science
4. Faculty of Chemistry
5. Faculty of Economics
6. Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology
7. Faculty of Theology
8. Faculty of Law and Administration
9. Faculty of Art. 

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